• Continue your yoga journey with an in-depth 200 hour yoga training to discover the fundamentals of yoga.

    A training led by Natasha Gunn with Evi Bacsi

    Guest teachers include Eniko Pianovszky, Flim Reydon and Linda de Smedt

    Registration with Yoga Alliance is in process

    You will discover:

    • Yoga philosophy, from Samkhya to the Yoga Sutras
    • The 8 limbs of yoga and what they each stand for
    • Applying the Yamas and Niyamas in everyday life
    • The various paths of yoga
    • Why there is no ‘right’ yoga style
    • Parameters of traditional yoga
    • History of modern postural yoga.
    • Mindfulness, history and practice
    • Ayurveda, an introduction
    • An introduction to the chakras and energy system
    • Modern Psychology, meditation and yoga
    • Body systems and yoga
    • Functional yoga anatomy
    • Asana groups and intelligent sequencing
    • Moving and breathing from the core
    • How to teach a balanced yoga sequence
    • Teaching methodologies
    • The language of teaching
    • Creating a personal practice
    • What yoga is for you

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    “You are lost the instant you know what the result will be.”
    -Juan Gris