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‘Coming Home’ Self-reflection Program to declutter your head space

(Immediate access to four pre-recorded sessions)
Register to receive the link (one-time payment of €16) to access all 4 sessions (program ideally takes 4 weeks to complete – 7-month access)

Spring-clean your mind and extend your asana practice to include the self-reflective components of authentic yoga. Over 4 sessions you will examine the following questions from a yoga perspective with reflection and focused practice:

  1. What does home mean & where am I now?
  2. How can I Spring clean my ‘Home’?
  3. What steps can I take to make space in my home?
  4. How can I maintain my ‘Home’ space? Selfcare with the 8 limbs of yoga (ashtanga).

Guided by Natasha Gunn and Eniko Pianovszky


Ayurveda 101- Online live interactive live sessions

FRI 23, SAT 24 April and FRI 7 May from 15:30 – 17:30
Register for all 3 sessions (6 hours) €55

Ayurveda goes hand in hand with yoga as a holistic healing system. This ancient science of life offers a wealth of wisdom designed to help you stay in full health and realize your full potential.

Through presentation and interactive sessions, expert Yoga teacher and therapist Eniko Pianovszky will go over the basic principles of Ayurveda, the qualities of the three doshas (blends of physical, emotional and mental characteristics) and how to balance them through food intake and Yoga practice.

With Eniko Pianovszky

Suitable for beginners and yoga teachers alike. This workshop gives you 6 hours of continuing education with Yoga Alliance.

Sound & Silence in Yoga practice and an introduction to vedic chanting

Register All Sessions (8 hours) (€108).
Register Per 2-hour Session (€30).
Session 1, Session 2, Session 3, Session 4 (for single sessions payment one session at a time via our payment system).

  • Online live interactive sessions
    You will learn various beeja (seed) mantras, ‘OM’ chanting, and Vedic mantras such as chandra, ayur, and gayatri mantra.
  • Session 1: introduction to sound – Sun, 25 April from 11am – 13pm Dutch time
    The basic parameters. Chanting ‘om’ in asana practice, pranayama. Panchamaya slokas. Learn to chant the opening prayer sahana vavatu.
  • Session 2: Space and Air – Sun, 9 May from 11am – 13pm Dutch time
    Ding namaskar. Mono-syllable chanting. Brahmana, langhana and samana practice with sound. Learn to chant chandra namaskar mantra samhita and krama patha.
  • Session 3: Sun and fire – Sun, 13 June – 11am – 13pm Dutch time
    Surya namaskar with surya beeja and laukika mantras. Different forms of practicing sounds. Learn to chant gayatri mantra and how to use it for pranayama and meditation practice.
  • Session 4: Water and Earth – Sun, 20 June – 11am – 13 pm Dutch Time
    Beeja mantras for the chakras. Bhavana in practice. Learn to chant ayurmantra with hand gestures. Closing prayer asatoma.

With Eniko Pianovszky and Savithri Ravikrishnan.
Suitable for beginners and yoga teachers alike. This workshop gives you 8 hours of continuing education with Yoga Alliance.