• Personal Yoga Practice - Warm Flow Yoga

    4 Jul 2019 | News | admin

  • Create and establish an appropriate personal practice to complement your regular studio yoga practice.

    Join our morning classes at Hot Yoga EindhovenWarm Flow (60 minutes) on Mondays at 10am

    Practice in a gentle, flowing way, where breathing is central.
    Attention is given to personal alignment. We practice some slow yoga and flowing yoga to keep the class in balance.
    Strengthening poses are combined with slow, long-held poses with a Yin attitude to give time for the deeper tissues to stretch and mindfulness practice.

    • Physical postures to balance excess energy and instill calm.
    • Breathing to bring in lightness to the calm.
    • Meditation, a clear mind, which naturally comes from the first two combined. 

    As well as improving physical and mental well-being, regular yoga practice helps you feel clear, calm and  focused more often and for longer periods of time. As your personal needs change, so your practice can change. Follow your feeling. 

    Coming back to ourselves, embracing the reality we have now, realizing we do not need to search for anything outside of ourselves, gives immense relief, bringing peace and harmony to your life and relationships. Art Awake Yoga practice is based on the original Astanga Yoga; Vinyasa Krama, where breath is central and postures progress slowly in stages.