• Sound and silence in yoga practice: How to use sound and mantras in yoga and an introduction to vedic chanting.  Every session includes asana, breathing and meditation practice with sound and learning to chant. You will learn various beeja (seed) mantras, ‘OM’ chanting, and Vedic mantras such as chandra, ayur, and gayatri mantra. 

    €100 for all the sessions (8 hours) or €30 per session (2 hours). After payment you will receive a link to the live session on the Zoom platform. Please give us time to send you the link. We receive your email after you pay. To avoid any last minute issues, please reserve your place the day before the session begins. Payment via Schedule & Rates page here. 

    This workshop counts as 8 hours of Continuing Education Contact Hours for registered yoga teachers (RYT) with US Yoga Alliance.

    With Eniko Pianovsky and Savithri Ravikrishnan.

    Session 1: introduction to sound – Sun, 19 April from 9am – 11am Dutch time

    The basic parameters. Chanting ‘om’ in asana practice, pranayama. Panchamaya slokas. Learn to chant the opening prayer sahana vavatu.

    Session 2: Space and Air – Sat, 25 April from 2pm – 4pm Dutch time

    Ding namaskar. Mono-syllable chanting. Brahmana, langhana and samana practice withsound. Learn to chant chandranamaskar mantra samhita and krama patha.

    Session 3: Sun and fire – Sun, 26 April – 9am – 11am Dutch time

    Surya namaskar with surya beeja and laukika mantras. Different forms of practicingsoundsLearn to chant gayatri mantra and use for pranayama and meditation practice.

    Session 4: Water and Earth – Sun, 3 May – 9am – 11 am Dutch Time
    Beeja mantras for the chakras. Bhavana in practice. Learn to chant ayurmantra withhand gestures. Closing prayer asatoma.