• Art Awake viewpoint

    Art Awake takes three things to heart:

    Change is natural

    Everything you do has an effect. What you are now is the result of what you have done up until now. The people close to you, your environment, your culture, have deeply affected you. You are a result of your daily practice of habits and choices influenced by values and beliefs you may not even be aware of. What has occurred in your past manifests in all aspects of your being, including the physical. You are literally formed by your upbringing and education as much as you are now by your own free-thinking. You are free to change your mind right now.  What you are now isn’t any more ‘natural’ than what you choose to become.

    Nothing stays the same

    Change reflects impermanence. Nothing is ever precisely the same again; that is why beauty can make us feel sad. Life is impermanent, and contemplating on this impermanence, including death, is our greatest gift. Realising that not only ‘me’ exists, but also consciousness as a whole, changes how we choose to live.

    Your viewpoint shifts

    Avoidance of change is not an option. Changing how we look at things is. Accepting impermanence changes perspective. This leads to clarity. We can experience our thoughts and emotions as impermanent. Things will change and we can willingly be part of it rather than resisting. Things start to shift and come into perspective. We can become our own beacons and find space within ourselves. Being aware starts with calm and takes practice.

    “We learn to do something by doing it. There is no other way.”
    John Holt, Educator