About us

We originally set up Art Awake to help people use the tools of yoga to develop a personal practice. Especially as a way to clear the mind to help people find their deep, inner voice, their intuition and creativity.

We observed that as people experience how yoga works for them there is a wish to learn more and to share this with others.

Knowing that yoga is so much more than instructing the physical postures or asana, Art Awake has created a programme to give you the essential principles from which to grow from.

Upon completion, you will know how yoga works, where it comes from and the philosophy behind Yoga practice. We also share a modern perspective of yoga. Not only looking at the latest in science, but also through a psychological lens and spiritual practices up to where they are today.

Once you clarify your own goals for practicing yoga, you can share this with others by helping them find their own way.

Our teachers, who come from different cultures and backgrounds, bring diversity of knowledge and experience to share and enrich our Art Awake training programme.


The cat represents a free, independent spirit, a creature that stays true to its nature and balance.

The colours are sattvic (coming from the three gunas or qualities of nature, which are covered in the teacher training), clear and light.

As well as a creative activity, Art is the expression or application of human skill and imagination to produce something beautiful or illicit an emotional response. Art can be interpreted in many ways.
In old English, Art means Be, so Art Awake literally means Be Awake.

Yoga itself is an art form, reawakening our creativity and bringing us back to the source.