• 200-hour yoga teacher training

  • Continue your yoga journey with Art Awake Yoga’s 200-hour yoga programme.

    A training combining knowledge with practice, ancient techniques with a modern approach. This in-depth English language yoga teacher training in Eindhoven will give you the fundamentals of yoga from which to grow from. Registration with Yoga Alliance is in process.

    Led by Natasha Gunn with Evi Bacsi, Flim Reydon, Eniko  Pianovszky.
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    You will discover:


    • History of modern postural yoga
    • Yoga philosophy, with Samkhya philosophy as starting point
    • Meditation (including Mindfulness), Modern Psychology & ‘Self’
    • the Yoga Sutras & the 8 limbs of yoga
      Parameters of traditional yoga.
    • The various paths of yoga

    EXPERIENTIAL – techniques, training and practice

    • Develop a personal practice
    • Introduction to mantra and sound
    • Moving and breathing from the core
    • Intelligent sequencing
    • Hatha and Raja Yoga
    • Vinyasa Flow
    • Keeping a journal – clarify your process.


    • Ayurveda, an introduction
    • Chakra system and energy flow
    • Functional yoga anatomy
    • Breathing and Bhandas
    • Body systems
    • Linking ancient to modern science
    • Anatomy of asana groups


    • Using trauma-sensitive language
    • Teaching appropriately: Language, ethics, intention
    • Orchestrating group classes
    • A modern approach to teaching Hot Yoga
    • How and when to assist

    What do I need to apply?

    • You are already practicing yoga,
    • you desire to share it with others,
    • you want a balanced training that introduces you into all the elements of yoga, both experiential and theoretical,
    • you want to look at traditional methodologies and see where a modern approach helps
    • you are interested to see where ancient systems and modern science meet
    • you want to put your practice into perspective and develop a personal practice,
    • you want to communicate yoga safely to others in an individual or group setting.

    SEE TRAINING SCHEDULE (starts 23 August 2019).

    “Yoga is an attempt at participation in life, not an attempt to get into an alternate state.”
    -Mark whitwell