• Starts 10 April 2020 and in a virtual mode due to the outbreak of COVID-19 - we will return to face to face as soon as we can. Learn the fundamentals of yoga philosophy, teaching methodology and ethics, functional anatomy, and where tradition and science meet. Registered yoga teacher training (RYS-200) at Yoga Alliance. Only 9 people maximum to give the quality and attention necessary for growth and learning. Location: Hot Yoga Eindhoven. Language of instruction: English


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    • Online classes at Hot Yoga Eindhoven using livestreaming platform. Woven into the classes are themes to help and motivate as we move through these changing times. More than ever we need yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. Don't forget to take plenty of fresh air, sun when it's out and smile and reflect on what is going right for you just now and what steps you can take, however small, to create your future in a place you constructively built with community, compassion and courage.

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    • Our teachers have diverse and rich backgrounds to give you the expertise and balance in learning that you need.

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      Create and establish an appropriate personal practice to complement your regular studio yoga practice. Join our morning classes at Hot Yoga EindhovenWarm Flow (60 minutes) on Mondays at 10am Practice in a gentle, flowing way, where breathing is central. Attention is given to personal [...]

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      A competent teacher is aware that they are not just teaching postures but the people who are practicing the postures. By using the yoga postures the teacher can guide the student into a deeper awareness of body and mind. Yoga is a tool that can be used well, especially under the right guidance.[...]

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