• A workshop combining yoga for mind clarity with exercises to recover your creativity.

    Whatever your area of creation, these tools and regular practice will help you set up useful habits to release and nurture your creative Self and bring out the artist in you.

    Recover your creative Self
    Are you living a life that doesn’t seem to fit how you feel inside? Is your creative spirit hiding in the side-lines, waiting for the right moment to come out? Are you compensating by hanging around with people who are doing what you want to do or are you even avoiding the things you like because it feels uncomfortable?

    What you are waiting for…
    You might have noticed this time doesn’t arrive unless you give it the space and focus it needs.  This is an approach to stop yourself from blocking your creative self, to wake up.

    It doesn’t matter what your creative interest is. You can connect to and trust your inner self again to find a talent you left behind, or one you may not even have found yet, or simply release your creative blocks. You will receive tools to remove obstacles in your path and set up useful habits to free up and nurture your creativity. 

    This isn’t a quick fix. This is a simple combination of practices that work when you commit to put them into practice. Slowly, steadily, without pushing, follow your practice. Give it time to work. Keep it fun and move into a space that you enjoy. Ups and downs are natural. Remember that emotions are temporary. Every day gives you the opportunity to begin again.

    Next Workshop
    The next workshop is in Eindhoven (Hot Yoga Eindhoven) on Saturday, 16 July 2016, from 14.00 – 17.00).

    Why we use yoga in a program for creative recovery, followed by yoga practice for mind clarity. Using the breath, posture and meditation, you will arrive in a useful state for creative exercises. From this calmer and clearer state, you will begin some exercises to launch your creative process

    You will receive hand-outs for this workshop along with a practice sheet. The daily yoga practice can take between half an hour and an hour of your time. The creative exercises depend on you and how you decide to spend your time…

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    “You are lost the instant you know what the result will be.”
    -Juan Gris