• We often underestimate what we can do with our talents. We are put off from using our creative skills at an early age when the idea of ‘earning a living’ kicks in. Elders advise us to follow a sure and a solid way to make money. As we grow up, the idea of using our creative skills, or being an artist even, ‘fly out the window’. Or rephrased, we put on our straitjacket and keep our ‘nose to the grindstone’. We take on a mortgage we get a steady job, we dream of leaving, one day. We say to ourselves, “When I have enough, I will go back to whatever it was, that I was good at, enjoyed, felt passionate about, believe in…”

    Usually that doesn’t happen.

    Unless perspective changes. We often need a dramatic occurrence to shake us out of this rational mode to realize the power of now. Life doesn’t go on forever. Unless perspective changes, we may simply drop our dreams as we lose energy and motivation.

    Then something life-threatening happens, like being told we only have a short time to live, or losing a loved one, and we find ourselves in a war zone. Finally, we wake up. We drop the rest. Perspective is like an internal compass that starts a process of reorientation. We start to value simple things; the present moment, being around family and friends. We start picking up things we feel passionate about. Whether it is gardening, cooking, music making, writing, or championing a cause we believe in. We start to measure our time spent more in terms of quality on many levels rather than short-term gratification and conformism. We start to pull back on things that unconsciously we were never behind. Our deeper consciousness comes to the fore. The wake-up call somehow creates a crack in our armour, rather like yoga, and we start to listen to our inner selves.

    How yoga is marketed in The West vs. what it actually is

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